Gothic Lolitia

I have to say I quite like dark and evil clothing one of my best topics in history is definitely the Victorians and the middle ages , I love how dark and mysterious it is ! Maybe I’m weird :/ anyway , I love this fashion because it is just that dark and mysterious something you’d defiantly see Lady Gaga in it actually would surprise me if she did follow Lolitia !

Gothic Lolitia originates from Harajuku and began in the 1990’s ,Gothic Lolitia is made to stand out by having very dark make up and clothes , we’re talking black lipstick , lots and lots of eyeliners’ and dark clothing . The colours most seen are dark green ,purple and blacks, Gothic Lolitia is usually considered as bad taste amongst the Lolitia community for having very dark clothing and very white faces. The most common look which I have seen amongst the Gothic Lolitia followers is lots of black everywhere , with a hint of another colour such as Green .

As you can see there are very dark colors and the shade looks very victorian like , I have to say I like the girl on the right the best I love her dress and it also seems to blend into one , though you’ve got to love the other girls hair !

So want to know how they get the look ? Well below is a diagram of all they need 🙂

Personally when I look at this it reminds me a bit of a fancy dress costume , but then I suppose the fashion is like fancy dress and that’s what I love most about it , you can be a different person each day , so much better than jeans and a top !! Of course you can make it unique to you in loads of different ways like ; adding you favorite colour or accessorizing with you favorite hair bands etc.

So as you can see I love this look !! And it’s so easy to do , like who hasn’t got a pot of black nail varnish lurking around there house ?? I know I have and as for the rest well just improvise.


This is a image of how to get the basic look with little cool labels to tell you how to do it !! you can then of course add your own colours and accessories to the look whatever works for you and makes you feel the best as after all that’s what fashion is going out feeling amazing about yourself !!! I like how with lolitia it is so easy to customise it to make it look how you want it to and so that the outfit says something about you and who you are 🙂 xxx

Could you please comment to let me know what you like and what to keep adding thanks 🙂 xx


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